Right from its inspection in 1970, the department has gained reputation for producing highly competent technicians in the field of Electronics. The dedicated staff is enthusiastically encouraging the youngsters, who are widely accepted in the industry – home and abroad. Overall development of the student is ensured. Seminars by expert and students under the auspices of the Electronic Engineering Association enhance the proficiency of students.


Subair P.H.


Basheer P I

Lecturer ME

Mohamed Yahiya N

Lecturer Diploma

Abdul Kareem Puthiyakath

Lecturer B Tech

Shajil Ameer. V V

Lecturer M Tech

Anilkumar P P

Demonstrator Diploma

Ayishath Shafirah K S

Demonstrator Diploma

Abdul Hameed Koorikadan

Trade Instructor NTC

Jasmin. K V

Tradesman Diploma

Mohamed Arshal.K.M

Tradesman Diploma

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Content will update soon